Wasp and Hornet Killer

104217 MFG #: 4292-75
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Nu-Kill Doesn't Just Make Wasps Mad, it Kills Them it is Formulated with Both Tetramethrin and Permethrin for Instant Kill and it Provides Residual Kill as Insects Return to the Nest; It Does Not Contain any CfcÆs and it has a Very High Dielectric Strength
Wasp and Hornet Killer; Form Liquid, Aerosol, Liquefied Gas; Container Type Can; Container Capacity 13.5 Oz; Application Eaves, Screen, Window Frame, Door, Patios, Crack, Holes or Crevice, Ant, Clover Mite, Cricket, Earwig, Millipede and Sowbug (Pillbug), Cockroache, Asian Cockroache, Cricket, Centipede, Silverfish, Ant, Lone Star Tick, Dog Tick, Cricket, Fleas; Applicable Standard EPA; Dielectric Strength 47300 Volt