2 Lb Refrigeration Flushing Canister - Rx11-flush, 5 to 7 Ton Capacity

104259 MFG #: 4300-11
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Rx11 Flush is a Unique Solvent Engineered Specifically for Flushing Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems; Rx11 Flush is Ozone Safe, Non-Toxic and Non-Flammable; Used Exactly Like the Old R-11 Flushing Process, Its Patented HFC Based Solvent Formulation is Powerful Enough to Flush Away Sludge, Carbon Residues, Oils, Acids, Water and Other Particulates; Rx11 Flush is Ideal for System Flushing After Burnouts, During Retrofits and for Flushing Line Sets for R-410A Conversion
Refrigeration Flushing Canister; Item Refrigeration Flushing Canister; Used On Item Refrigeration Flushing and Air Conditioning System; Flushing Capacity 5 to 7 Ton; Canister Capacity 2 Lb