World Plumbing Day: What It Is and How to Celebrate

Save the date! World Plumbing Day occurs on March 11 every year. Established by the World Plumbing Council (WPC) in 2010, World Plumbing Day celebrates the essential work of plumbers and highlights the ongoing need for clean water access and sanitation infrastructure around the globe.
It's a time for gratitude, reflection, and education, but with a positive, celebratory attitude as plumbers around the world honor their achievements and look ahead toward a healthy, environmentally friendly, and prosperous future. If you haven't taken part in previous World Plumbing Days, discover some of the ways you can participate in the event this year.

How Plumbers and Others Celebrate This Day

There's no right or wrong way to celebrate World Plumbing Day. You're invited to get creative! The main idea to promote is that "plumbing improves the world." To make it even easier to take part, WPC offers resources—including social media graphics, posters, and fact sheets—that you can distribute as you see fit.
Need a little more inspiration? Here's how some communities celebrated World Plumbing Day 2020 and how you can celebrate in 2021.

Visit Your MORSCO Plumbing branch

MORSCO Plumbing branches and Showrooms across the country celebrates World Plumbing Day to thank plumbers for their contribution and recognize the important role plumbing plays in relation to health and access to fresh drinking water and sanitation. Visit your local branch and receive a few special giveaways throughout the day. Participating branches are DeVore & Johnson, GA; Express Pipe & Supply, CA; Expressions Home Gallery, AZ, TX, OK & CA; Farnsworth Wholesale Company, AZ; Morrison Supply Company, NM, TX, OK & KS; Murray Supply Company, NC & SC; Todd Pipe, CA and Wholesale Specialties, CO.


Join the Pros

Powered by MORSCO, Proudly Essential Pros shines a spotlight on plumbers and the amazing work they do to keep our society functioning, especially during this time. Proudly Essential Pros will be giving away some awesome swag boxes on Facebook and Instagram.

Host a Poster Contest

Visit local schools to explain why plumbers are important. WPC offers a PowerPoint presentation that you can use. Then, challenge schoolchildren to design a poster explaining the importance of plumbing, clean water, and sanitation. Offer up a worthy prize, like having their design published in the local newspaper. You can also consider giving out gift cards to bookstores, a year-long pass to a local children's museum, or World Plumbing Day-themed items like T-shirts. 

If you don't want to manage your own contest, then consider promoting the International Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Foundation's World Plumbing Day poster contest among local schoolchildren instead.

Host a Plumbing Competition

Have a little fun this World Plumbing Day and host a friendly skills competition among local apprentices to see who can perform the cleanest brazing or who can glue PVC pipe the fastest. Give teams of apprentices a complicated design task and a limited amount of time to solve it and assemble it. Check out the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors (PHCC) Educational Foundation's guide to hosting a DIY apprentice contest for more tips and ideas. Remember to stay in alignment with COVID-19 protocols and CDC guidelines to keep everyone safe.

Speak to High School Students

Encourage the next generation of plumbers to consider this rewarding trade by speaking to high school students. Explain why plumbers are important to public and environmental health. Bust common myths about the plumbing trade and discuss some of the exciting projects they can get to work on. Your future apprentices might be in the audience, so don't forget to explain the educational requirements and typical career path. Remember to stay in alignment with COVID-19 protocols and CDC guidelines to keep everyone safe.

Train Fellow Plumbers

Workshops make excellent World Plumbing Day events. Gather your fellow plumbers to discuss new products, techniques, or business practices. Don't be afraid to invite the competition. On World Plumbing Day, in particular, we're all plumbers with a common goal: to improve the world.

Give a Free Public Seminar

Offer an educational session to the public on World Plumbing Day. If you're stumped about what to talk about, consider highlighting a charity that teaches developing communities how to improve sanitation or that provides clean water access. Explain why plumbers' work is so important in terms of health, equality, and environmental impact. Encourage attendees to donate to the charity in honor of World Plumbing Day. Broadcast it online to reach a greater audience.

Distribute Awards and Scholarships

Many plumbing associations and companies choose to acknowledge outstanding employees on World Plumbing Day. Recognize hardworking team members at a banquet-style event and provide commemorative trophies or plaques. This is also a great time to announce scholarship winners or treat employees to a special gift, like a company swag bag.

Volunteer to Clean Local Waterways

Even communities with sophisticated plumbing systems tend to have their share of trash-filled waterways. Reaffirm your commitment to clean water and sanitation by organizing a team of volunteers to pick up trash from local creeks, rivers, and ponds on World Plumbing Day.

Assemble a Plumbing Think Tank

Is your area plagued with a sanitation problem? Does the local creek flood all the time, ruining businesses? Do residents routinely go without clean, safe drinking water? Use World Plumbing Day and its message as a reason to assemble a think tank of local plumbers and engineers. On March 11, host a public conference and allow guest speakers to share their ideas for tackling the local problem. Encourage local government officials to attend.

Create or Share Social Media Posts

We get it: You're a busy plumber! If you don't have time to organize a World Plumbing Day event, you can still participate on March 11 by sharing social media graphics and posts. Follow the hashtag #worldplumbingday to find share-worthy posts, or grab images from WPC to publish on your own channels.

World Plumbing Day Highlights the Importance of Plumbers' Work

However you decide to celebrate World Plumbing Day, WPC encourages everyone to promote this message: Plumbing saves lives and improves the world. To help put this into context; WPC provides statistics that you're welcome to share:
  • 2.1 billion people worldwide still lack access to safe drinking water at home
  • 4.5 billion people worldwide (more than half the global population) don't have toilets in their homes
  • 263 million people worldwide have to travel more than 30 minutes round-trip to reach safe drinking water
  • 900 million children worldwide attend schools with no handwashing facilities
  • 20% of schools worldwide don't have toilets
We recommend using this data not only to explain why plumbers are important, but also to encourage people to support plumbing projects and education efforts around the world. Be sure to explain what you want your audience to do after they learn this information.

This Is Your Day

You're a Proudly Essential Pro, and March 11 is your day to share that pride with the world. Join MORSCO and our partners in celebrating World Plumbing Day this year and every year ahead.